01 November, 2009

If you are wanting to start a successful internet marketing business or you already have one of your own, the following 4 steps will help assure your success. When I say'assure your success' I mean I would like you to come right out the gate full bore and do not let up, so from the start I want your ROI ( return on investment ) to be as moneymaking as possible.

Step one - Finding your niche. Take your time while picking your niche and look for something that is going to be profitable. The niche you pick should have a good hungry market, there is not any point picking a niche that there's no market for. When doing your research for your niche you may need to visit Amazon.com and checkout the best seller list. This should give you a smart idea to what is selling and a hot market to get into. You might also want to visit Google trends, you can use this and pick a good trend that you believe will last for a little while. Two of the most profitable markets online are the health and earn money niche, but these are also the most competitive. If you are just starting out you may wish to keep away from these niches and go with something with less competition.

Step two - promoting a profitable Product. Ok now you got a market or niche picked out for yourself, you are then going to require a product to market. When searching for a product to push I typically head to Google's search and type in my keyword or niche and then affiliate marketing programs. What this may do is bring up all the affiliate programs that are related to that niche and you can signup with them. When picking an offer to push make sure the commission is worth spending the time, why promote a low ticket item when you can promote the high-ticket item with an identical quantity of effort? Do not sell your self short, this is your business we are talking about.

step 3 - Get A Hosting Account and a web site name. Now you have a robust niche and a profitable product you are going to need to have a pro website. For that you need two things a website domain name and a hosting account. You can get a domain name for $10 for the year and hosting account for $9.95 a month that permits you to have unlimited websites and unlimited bandwith. The host company I use is hostgator.com and for domain names I use Godaddy.com. At first it could appear like a big tribulation to line up a website but after some it'll become second nature.

Step four - Get An autoresponder. This next thing you want is the topping on the cake. You need to get an autoresponder for yourself, this is so you can commence building a list for your different markets. Two good autoresponders out there are Getresponse.com and Aweber.com this will run you about $20 a month for one these services. I am sure you've heard the term'the money is in the list'. Well that term is 100% true, the money is in the list and it's essential that you begin to build one for yourself. You can e-mail your list a newsletter, tips and info to help them. You want to build a good relationship with your list so when you send them an offer or you endorse something to them, they will buy from and continue to buy from you.

Well these are the four steps you will want to follow to have a successful internet marketing business, but there is another part to this formula and that is traffic. With out traffic to your internet site or your offers you'll never make a penny on the internet. (MLM Master)


Sylvester said...

Thank you for the informative post.

In order to start your internet marketing strategy there are a number of points you need to think about.

You need to start by figure out what your target market is. There are a number of questions you need to find the answers to. These include: what type of people are going to supply most of your income, where will these people come from, how much further money will they have to spend, what will be their age group, etc.